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Minglanilla to put up industrial park

July 12, 2013

THE local government of Minglanilla has entered into a public-private partnership (PPP) with Ming-Mori Development Corp. For the Minglanilla Reclamation and Industrial Park development project.

The two parties signed the agreement yesterday.

Ming-Mori Development Corp. Chairman and president Jose Soberano III said the project will be a new landmark that will benefit the entire province of Cebu in terms of income and job generation.

We need labor-intensive industries to continue the momentum of the country’s economic growth. This industrial park will also become a better vehicle to encourage more foreign direct investments to Cebu, said Soberano, whose real estate firm, Cebu Landmasters Development Corp., is the industrial park’s project consultant.

The planned 100 hectare industrial park is located in the coastal areas of Barangays Calajoan and Tulay in Minglanilla. The industrial park will house at least 54 light industrial manufacturing and assembly plants of both local and foreign locators.

Soberano said construction of the industrial park will be done in five phases and will be completed in five years. He said they will start construction as soon as they complete all the necessary permits from various agencies.

Start of project

We are looking at early of next year to begin the construction of the project, said Soberano. He also made sure that the firm will abide by all legal processes including those that concern the environment.

The firm has yet to finalize the project cost. Soberano said they will also be tapping consultants to help them out in the sharing and pricing schemes.

This project has long been my dream ever since I became an official in Minglanilla, said Minglanilla mayor Eduardo Selma. He said that with the establishment of the industrial park, Minglanilla would become the next big employment and investment destination.

We project that Minglanilla’s income to double or triple, including its population, he said. Minglanilla’s current income is at least P100 million with almost 200,000 in population.

Soberano plans to embark on roadshows to sell the industrial park to investors in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. They will also seek the marketing expertise of the Cebu Investment and Promotions Center (CIPC).

Municipal planning and development head Sandy Enad said they have already identified the affected stakeholders of the development, particularly those whose livelihood is fishing.


We will give considerations to the fishermen and we will make sure that their livelihood will not be affected. Part of the requirement of Ming-Mori is also to undergo environmental impact study,” said Pena.

He said Minglanilla has over 200 fishermen, although the town is not known for heavy fishing. It also doesn’t have a declared fish sanctuary.

This project provides an alternative livelihood to the people in Minglanilla, especially the younger generation. Now they have an option to to either work in factories or go fishing to earn income, Pena said.

CIPC managing director Joel Mari Yu said Cebu is now in need of industrial parks that cater to light engineering and assembly plants. He encouraged real estate developers to also consider venturing into industrial parks aside from the usual construction of residential projects.

This is a welcome development for Cebu. We need industrial space immediately, said Yu. He said they have been getting a lot of inquiries on industrial parks.

Manufacturing, according to European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines vice president for external affairs Henry Schumacher, is an important industry that is crucial to sustain the growth of the economy. He said it is not enough that the country only focuses on the services sector.

Without manufacturing, it (growth) will make no sense, he said, explaining that this is one of the industries that is labor intensive.