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Cebu Landmasters is The Outlook Awards 2019 Best Developer of the Year in VisMin

November 18, 2019

More than just Cebu’s pride

— by  – Reporter / @amyremoINQ

The Outlook Awards 2019’s Personality of the Year awardee humbly declares that much more can still be done despite his impressive roster of achievements.

Jose Soberano III, chairman, president and CEO of Cebu Landmasters Inc., is currently leading his company with an aggressive expansion across Visayas and Mindanao, creating new mixed use developments, residential projects, hotels, and premiere resorts. For this year alone for instance, this Cebu-based developer has so far launched a total of nine projects across Davao, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro and Cebu.

His company, which saw a brisk demand for its P2.9-billion initial public offering two years ago, is also being sought now by fellow developers for joint ventures and partnerships; has been the recipient of numerous accolades, citations and recognitions; and has been posting a stellar performance, proof of which was the 77 percent surge in its net income in the third quarter of this year.

That being said, the chair, president and CEO of CLI is still setting his sights for more.

“We are very happy with this honor. To be bestowed by this honor of (being Personality of the Year) and the Best Developer in VisMin Award, humbles us and makes us want to prove ourselves some more,” Soberano said in an interview after The Outlook Awards 2019, as co-presented by Philippine Daily Inquirer Property and Holcim.

“There is still so much to prove. But I know that all these accolades and recognitions are also a sign that we’re doing things right. There are so many things we can still do. We are continually in an expansion mode, recognizing a lot more potential in key cities in VisMin. Together with that is the organizational build up to prepare the next generation. We continue to gear up, and challenge ourselves” Soberano explained.

As it is, CLI’s solid track record in building low cost, economic and mid-market homes is something Soberano is proud of, along with their staunch commitment to excellence and their passion to ensuring that buyers will always get the quality homes they deserve.

Also foremost in CLI’s concerns is ensuring that buyers will always be satisfied with what they have bought—a criteria now well ingrained in the consciousness of its property management team and customer service group.

“We do not turn over the units until the buyers are fully satisfied. I guess this kind of reputation and track record has done a lot of good for us, with people knowing that we’re very responsible. And so it must have also struck an emotional chord among our peers who feel more confident of entrusting to us their landbank,” he added.

Among its latest partnerships include that with Aboitiz Land Inc. for a mixed-use development in Mandaue City.

And, fresh from this announcement made last September, both parties are already preparing for another project. CLI is likewise partnering with an Iloilo-based company for a real estate joint venture and is now in talks with two other listed companies who havea presented to the Cebu-based developer their properties.

The outlook is indeed bright and bullish for Soberano.

“It excites us to look at the (prospects) over the next five to 10 years. While it seems that the sky is the limit (in terms of opportunities), we try to pace our growth because it’s easy to get crazy with the opportunity. You have people knocking at your doors, the banks are lining up, but then you have to realize that you only have two hands you cannot take more than what you can handle,” he said. “We have to remain grounded while our eyes are set on certain goals.”

Soberano added: “It’s a broad playing field because there are so many areas waiting for development to happen. That’s where the opportunity comes—and I’m just looking at VisMin alone. The next five to 10 years for us are indeed going to be exciting.”

Published in Philippine Daily Inquirer